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Why don’t we do it in the road? — love, sex and violence on the streets of Bedminster

A regular Sunday event throughout the summer from April 24th to September 25th 2011 plus bank holidays but no shows in August.

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WHY DON’T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD? is a theatrical walk with some of the most extraordinary people – and animals – you’ll ever meet. And every word is true.

  • Meet Princess Caraboo, buried in Bedminster, and Charlie Stephens, the local barber who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
  • Learn about gold from Britain’s biggest robbery smelted down on North Street.
  • Hear the story of the Bristolian hung for murder whose corpse suffered a fate worse than death.
  • And see the tiny dog who collected money for soldiers in the trenches.

Meet Aldi car park, North Street, Bedminster BS3 1JR (next to Tobacco Factory). No need to book, just turn up (rain or shine). The walk/performance lasts about 90 minutes and covers about a mile.

Created as an even for adults, we think it’s suitable for age 10 and over.

Supported by Bristol City Council and Better Bedminster Community Chest: thank you!

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Venue Magazine ★★★★ review – 24 Sept ’10, Issue 928

This latest outing from Show of Strength Theatre Company as usual does not follow orthodox methods in the theatrical presentation of history: for a start, it kicked off in a supermarket car park, where its two performers started proceedings in uncompromising fashion by taking money off us, making sure we were in no doubt that this was about Bedminster, see, and indicating in no uncertain terms what we should think of such as them posh folk in Clifton.

There followed an entertaining trawl through the streets of Bemmy and encounters with various oddball characters from from different centuries, including a poetic butcher, an exotic princess (or was she?), an exhibitionist barber who went over Niagara in a barrel (or did he?), two dogs and a tiger. There was a short history of local pies, an exploration of South Bristol’s connection with one of the greatest robberies of all time, and much more – all enlivened by the constant changes of character from the admirably versatile Kim Hicks and Chris Yapp. And, as they were at pains to point out, it was all true! It bore no relation to your average guided tour. Local history was never as much fun as this.

John Christopher Wood ★★★★

this is Bristol ★★★★ review – 24 May ’11

WHETHER you’re Bemmie born and bred, have an interest in local history, or simply fancy doing something different on a Sunday afternoon, Show Of Strength’s latest outdoor performance, Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? – Love, Sex and Violence on the Streets of Bedminster, is sure to be right up your street.

Fascinating, affectionate and light-hearted, this is a theatrical walk, written by Show Of Strength’s Sheila Hannon, where spectators are introduced to some of the most extraordinary people you’ll ever meet… and every word is true.

After gathering in Aldi car park, two performers (Kim Hicks and Nik Howden) kick off proceedings by telling us that this is an unorthodox guided tour around the history-laden suburb, and advising us just what we should think of them posh sorts in Clifton. There follows an entertaining trawl through the streets, where we meet local characters from different centuries, from Charlie Stephens, the local barber who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel (or did he?) to notorious imposter Princess Caraboo, who is buried in Bedminster.

We learn about the gold from Britain’s biggest robbery that was smelted down on North Street, the tiny dog who collected money for soldiers in the trenches, and the Bristolian hanged for murder whose corpse suffered a fate worse than death.

We find out just where Luckwell Road got its name, sing Happy Birthday to Clarks Pies, and discover the unexpected whereabouts of some headless chickens.

It’s surprising just how many points of historical interest – some renowned, some I had never heard of before – are on this one short stretch. The characters and stories are skilfully played out by the versatile Nik and Kim. Changing costume and character throughout the mile-long tour, they bring our colourful local history to life.

The enthralling 90-minute ramble is easily worth the £6 fee, and apart from the odd occasion when the actors almost lost items of their costume, we barely noticed the high winds!

If history was taught like this in our schools, we would have a nation of David Starkeys on our hands.

Natalie Hale 8/10

via this is Bristol

Posted on March 17, 2011

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